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Your Detox Quiz Results: Your body is talking to you now, it's time to respond (#1)

August 20, 2018


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You're making the right decisions, but here's how you can improve (Quiz Results #3)

August 20, 2018

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Quiz Results: Here's how detoxing can amplify your body & health (#2)

August 20, 2018

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7 Beauty & Weight Loss Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

September 26, 2017

There's a lot of buzz about the health benefits of drinking Matcha. This article will shine light on some of the claims that have been made, and answer the following questions:

  • Does Matcha really burn fat & support weight loss?
  • Which are the different types of Matcha? And how do they compare?
  • Is Matcha a real alternative to coffee? Will I be as productive as I am with coffee?

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Your 2-Day Detox Meal Plan

August 06, 2017

A 2 day meal plan for everyone interested in kickstarting a detox program.

What you will find in this post:

  1. Recipes for 2 days designed to initiate a mild detox
  2. Lists of ingredients per recipe
  3. Tips for preparing your system for a more aggressive detox in phase 2. 

Your goals for the first 2 days are:

  • Soothe liver
  • Kickstart metabolism
  • Balance mood & improve sleep
  • Initiate mild detox


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You don’t need pharmaceutical nootropics - 21 superfood-reasons why

July 20, 2017

Nootropics or “smart drugs” have been a "trending topic" among biohackers for quite some time. Most of these supplements have been linked to boosting productivity and mental performance. Many biohackers like Tim Ferris decided that the short term gain through "smart drugs" is not worth the long term side effects. 

This article sheds light on other, equally powerful ways to hack cognitive performance with superfoods. The compounds of these superfoods can stimulate your brain cells to release (e.g.) mood-altering dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. If used systematically they can reset or cleanse your system and prime it for peak performance.

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How to boost mental focus, productivity and energy with Detox

July 10, 2017

For many people Detox programs are often the last minute emergency break after a long period unhealthy living. Whether alcohol or a one-sided diet, more people are looking for ways to reset their system.

But let’s take a look at what you can accomplish with a pro-active detox and why you should schedule a detox program (14-30 days) at 4-5 times a year.

How can a detox help you perform better?

Detoxing can lead to increased levels of health, well-being and focus. Many people report long phases of mental clarity after a proper detox. This is similar to what you might experience when fasting (intermittent fasting) - only less difficult.

There are ways of prolonging these phases by replacing nutrients through a post-detox diet. We refer to this process as RRA (Reset, Restore, Amplify).

Learn more on how you can enhance brain performance through superfood detox. 

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How to cleanse your mind & body with superfoods

June 27, 2017

This article will provide you with a step by step guide on how to reset body & mind.

We’ll explain how detoxification should be the FIRST step to long-term performance enhancement, rather than the LAST step after an unhealthy period in your life.

“Treat detoxification as the FIRST step to long-term performance enhancement, instead of the LAST step after an unhealthy period in your life.

Why detoxifying your system helps enhance long-term performance

  • Our bodies are exposed to too many toxins on a regular basis (constituents of alcohol, coffee, pesticides/herbacides, pharmaceuticals, air pollutant, etc.). These toxins will limit you in exploring the full potential of your organs.
  • Most diets, superfoods or brain supplements don’t work as expected, because our bodies were not ready for them. Before you can amplify, you need to reset and restore. And restoring really means to make your body more efficient at removing toxins. And creating a base for any performance increase you can then measure.

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Your Brain's Performance On Superfoods (1)

May 13, 2017

“You can’t hack it if you don’t understand it.”

Micro-dosing LSD is indeed an option for some silicon valley tech-professionals when trying to hack job performance. Apparently, a small dose of the hallucinogen called lysergic acid diethylamide-25 (or LSD) can support creativity.

There’s also research supporting that single crystals in cockroach milk have three times the energy of dairy milk leading to more focus and energy.

Sounds crazy, right? It is. The point is that people will never stop looking for brain boosting nutrition, however, there’s enough evidence that mother nature provides them already.

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