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How to cleanse your mind & body with superfoods

June 27, 2017

Let’s face it, life can be hectic, wether at the office or university.

The new, digital workspace we live in demands a lot. Trying to stay on top of every project or deadline often leads us to neglect proper nutrition.

The irony: we are looking to increase our performance on many levels, but we’re denying our body & mind the nutrients it needs to perform well.

In other words, you might save time eating junk food at work, but doing so makes it harder to do your job effectively.

Detoxifying has become a trend, but too often detox is the last minute emergency break after a long period of stress and unhealthy living. Whether alcohol or a one-sided diet, more people are looking for ways to reset their system.

This article will provide you with a step by step on how to reset your body & mind.

I’ll explain how detoxification should be the FIRST step to long-term performance enhancement, rather than the LAST step after an unhealthy period in your life.

“Treat detoxification as the FIRST step to long-term performance enhancement, instead of the LAST step after an unhealthy period in your life.” 


Detox Reset


1. Why detoxifying your system helps enhance long-term performance

  • Our bodies are exposed to too many toxins on a regular basis (constituents of alcohol, coffee, pesticides/herbacides, pharmaceuticals, air pollutant, etc.). These toxins will limit you in exploring the full potential of your organs.
  • Most diets, superfoods or brain supplements don’t work as expected, because our bodies were not ready for them. Before you can amplify, you need to reset and restore. And restoring really means to make your body more efficient at removing toxins. And creating a base for any performance increase you can then measure

2. Triathlon Example
When interviewing Javier Gomez, ITU world champion in triathlon,  at a Cafe in Barcelona, the journalist asked him he’d like a cup of coffee, but Javier refused. He went on to explain that he eliminates any caffeine 2 weeks before any important races, because he is using caffeine shots during the race. These shots are less effective when his body is used to caffeine at this point.

I loved his explanation, because it shows:

  • How important it is to clean your body from any toxins, before performance enhancing substances can show their full effect.
  • How products can be combined with habits and routines for maximum impact.

    I also liked this example, because it shows the discipline and habits of a world-class athlete. To become a True Biohacker you have to think of yourself as an athlete, especially in your daily work. The goal of this blog is to teach you the habits of world-class athletes and combine them with performance enhancing products.

    3. How to detox - Phases Explained

    Detox Phase 1 - Soft Remove of Toxins (3-5 days)



    This phase is the first step in turning lipophilic (fat-loving) elements into something that can be removed from the body in urine or bile.

    An additional goal of this phase is to prepare the body for a more aggressive detox in phase 2, while removing first toxins with a softer approach. Reason for this is that the more aggressive detox in phase 2 can lead to discomfort if your body is not primed for it.

    For this phase follow the following for 3-5 days (3 day detox challenge)

      1. Double your water intake. (mineral water at room temperature - more details are provided in the day to day part of this guide)
      2. Don’t consume any of the following: Alcohol, coffee, sugar, chemicals and red meat.
      3. Optional, but highly recommended: Use our jasmine-detox tea powder. We currently offer a free package for 3 days. This powder is mainly for detoxifying and soothing the liver, which we often refer to as our body’s filter. It also calms nerves and increases quality of sleep, which is key for cleansing your system. Of course you can use similar products to prepare for phase 2.
      4. Keep a consistent sleep schedule: A good night's sleep might literally clear your mind. This study, funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), shows how sleep can change the cellular structure of your brain and detox your system.
      5. Add probiotic/prebiotic foods to your diet.
      6. Light exercise, ideally running. Also sauna treatments can help. The point here is to sweat, which helps to rid your body of toxins that are tightly bound to tissues like fat-soluble toxins or metals that have accumulated over repeated exposures.
      7. Meditate: Develop a meditation routine in the morning. An excellent tool we can recommend for beginners is - it offers a 10 day free trial that walks you through a daily meditation step-by-step.

      Detox Phase 2 - Maximize detoxification of mind & body (5-20 days)

      Now that your body has started dropping toxins and prepared for a more aggressive detox you will add specific nutrients to your diet. All elements listed below are key to a healthy and effective detoxification of body and mind.

      Keep up with all elements of phase 1 including meditation, diet, water intake and exercise.

      Then add the following nutrients to your diet:

      1. Chanca Piedra: It helps stimulate the liver to purge itself of harmful toxins and foreign particles.
      2. Dandellion Root: Helps stimulate bile flow from the liver, and is often used by herbalists to help fight fatty liver, cirrhosis, estrogen dominance, and even acne.
      3. Black walnut hull: Provides oxygen to the blood, supports healthy digestion and bowel regularity and is a powerful detoxifier.
      4. Spirulina: Is alcalizing and boosts liver function. It is high in antioxidants, b-vitamins, vitamins and minerals. Spirulina contains clorophyll, which helps remove toxins such as heavy metals and other pollutants from the blood. (---> Spirulina can be found in capsule or powder form. Its often used in smoothies, but can be mixed with water or juices)
      5. Echinacia: Will help with residual toxin removal at the end of your detox. It helps build your immune system and thereby helps your body cope with the healing process post detox. (---> Echinacia extract can be added to fruit juices and is also available in tea form)

      4. Conclusion

        The combination of these components is key in achieving maximum impact, while considering the healing process your body will require throughout this detox program.

        Don't skip the first phase. It's designed to prepare your system for the more aggressive detox in phase 2. The goal is to improve the quality of your sleep, which will help flush out toxins.

        Sleep is able to clear your brain of damaging molecules associated with neurogenesis.

        TrueBiohack offers a formulated capsule combining all these ingredientsAlternatively you can find each of these ingredients in the superfoods listed above.

        Ok, that was a lot of information. Are you ready to detox now? If so, start here:

        Please leave us a comment about your personal detox experience here or on Facebook. What did you experience as challenging? Anything you would add to this guide? We’re always open to improving our resource, so please let us know!

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