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Your Detox Quiz Results: Your body is talking to you now, it's time to respond (#1)

August 20, 2018

*this article is specific to the results of of our "Detox Quiz". If you haven't taken the quiz yet, please make sure to do so here: DETOX QUIZ

The bad news is you've made some poor decisions when it comes to your eating habits. The good news is it's not too late. The best news is your being proactive!

On your path to improvement we sometimes fall short of our health and fitness goals. One too many cheat days or putting off what you can do today for tomorrow is no longer going to cut it. It's easy to get wound up in our daily routine but it's time to break away from the poor daily habits and make long-term changes that will provide life-altering results.

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The time for a change is now and your body is yearning for it!

It was once said too much of anything isn't good and that statement hits close to home when it comes to our bodies. How do you respond when your body tells you it needs rest, or what food options do you choose when you're hungry? Ever heard the saying "you are what you eat" guess what it's true!

We know that the food we put in your system plays an important role in the outcome of our health both physically and even mentally. We've created a meal plan specifically designed to replenish energy and mental clarity all while promoting weight loss.

In order to optimize you need to begin by changing the food or rather fuel you put into your body.  Eating poorly certainly will not benefit you if you are serious about resetting your system you must first detox

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If you're like most, you feel the need to power through regardless of your body telling you to slow down. Being overwhelmed by responsibilities can causes anxiety and in some cases even cause you to get sick. Thoughts begin to race through your mind of how you already feel you aren't effective at completing your daily goals, "how much worse off would I be if I took a break"?  It's easy to grab a cup of coffee, load up on sweets, or grab a can of that energy drink spiked with extra sugar. Certainly, getting your daily goals done is more important than rest right?

An important but often overlooked remedy to detoxing is rest which is one of the greatest counter measure to assure your energy levels are prepared for the day ahead of you. Nightly you should be getting 7-9 hrs of sleep. Our bodies run on what's called circadian rhythm which is our sleep/wake cycle. One of the main reason we are robbed of the precious sleep we require is our cell phones. Our cellular sidekicks emit a blue light that reduces levels of melatonin which makes it more difficult to fall asleep. suggest ditching the phone at least 30mins before hitting the hey.

To help jumpstart your detox we offer a free sample pack of our detox capsules that come with natural ingredients such as Echinacea which helps boost the immune system and Spirulina which is a natural source of energy just to name a few of the ingredients.


In conclusion, I encourage you to detox this season. The fact of the matter is merely breathing exposes you to toxins. Chose to counter the harmful elements we are defenseless to by starting a detox. A detox promotes healthy gut flora which has been shown to be significant in preventing inflammation and even dementia.

Next Steps

We provide a proven path to a successful detox with our custom meal plan as well as our detox capsules to jump-start you on your journey toward a healthy new lifestyle.   

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