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Your Brain's Performance On Superfoods (1)

May 13, 2017

“You can’t hack it if you don’t understand it.”

Micro-dosing LSD is indeed an option for some silicon valley tech-professionals when trying to hack job performance. Apparently, a small dose of the hallucinogen called lysergic acid diethylamide-25 (or LSD) can support creativity.

There’s also research supporting that single crystals in cockroach milk have three times the energy of dairy milk leading to more focus and energy.

Sounds crazy, right? It is. The point is that people will never stop looking for brain boosting nutrition, however, there’s enough evidence that mother nature provides them already.

This blog is dedicated to educating you about your system, so you don’t have to drink cockroach milk or consider LSD anymore.

brain performance on superfood

 “The compounds of superfoods can stimulate brain cells to release mood-altering dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. They can reset or detoxify your entire system or boost cognitive performance.”


The following explains how you can prepare your system before hacking it with superfoods.

A valid question you might have at this point:

Why aren’t many people taking advantage of superfoods to boost brain performance?

The simple answer: Most people will mix superfoods with other foods in their diet that are counterproductive.

The more complex “Biohacker” answer: Your brain needs to keep the right balance of fats, amino acids, glucose, micronutrients, and proteins. Micronutrients, for example, help your brain to work more efficiently for a longer period of time. But to transform these micronutrients, your brain needs the right fuel (e.g. essential fatty acids such as omega 3&6  vs. but trans fat or saturated fats).

To learn more about the balance mentioned above, take a minute to watch this video. It will give you a foundational understanding of how your brain reacts to food.

Remember: You can’t hack it if you don’t understand it.


In the next parts we will cover:

  1. The nutritional contents of your brain needed to boost performance
  2. The superfoods that impact these contents in your brain

Keep part A. handy, the goal of this blog is to educate you further, based on this foundational knowledge.


  • Superstar fats (icon/image): Omega 3&6 = essential fatty acids

    crucial for maintenance & creation of cell membrane.

    must come from our diets, see point A. above.

    Where to get them: Nuts, seeds, fatty fish.

    Where to not get them: French fries, pizza, ice cream. No trans & saturated fats, please!

    Proteins & amino acids: Neurotransmitters (!)

    → Amino acids provide the chemical messengers that transport signals between neurons

    → They manipulate our emotions & behavior including: Mood, sleep & focus

    → Proteins can improve energy levels

    Where to get them: The understanding on which foods can provide the essential amino acids has shifted in the past 5-10 years. Against the previous belief that amino acids have to come from animal-based foods, they can be found in a variety of plant-based foods. Even Google will tell you that a number of amino acids in spirulina exceeds the quantity found in meat. (see our list of superfoods below)

    How to setup your system for enhancement with superfoods:

    1. Amino acids have to compete for limited access to brain cells → That’s why it’s important to consume a high-quality range of foods to maintain a balanced combination of brain messengers. Consume the plant-based foods recommended above, but feel free to mix it up with meat from time to time.
    2. Eat fruit and vegetables for antioxidants: Provide your brain with a steady supply of antioxidants. Antioxidants in vegetables & fruits will strengthen the brain to fight off radicals that can harm your cells. This will enable your brain to work efficiently for a longer period of time.
    Eat the right carbs: Your brain needs fuel to transform and synthesize the above-mentioned nutrients. As the featured video above points out, our brain uses 20% of our energy resources. Most of this energy comes from carbohydrates, which our body digests into glucose (blood sugar). Carbs come in 3 forms: Starch, sugar & fiber. But really it’s the ratio of the fiber & sugar group to the whole carb amount that makes the difference.
    Example: High glycemic foods like white bread lead to a quick release of glucose into the blood. But shortly after this comes the dip. Blood sugar shoots back down and with it, focus and mood. Oats or grains trigger a slower release of glucose, which helps your brain to stay focus for longer.


      Matcha (instead of coffee): Similar to the drop in performance you experience when eating high glycemic foods, coffee will give you a boost in performance, but only for a short period of time. Matcha can deliver sustained energy over 4-5 hours without the jitters or sudden drops in performance we experience with coffee.
      It also has 10-15 times more nutrients than green tea and helps burn fat by igniting your metabolism. If you’re serious about “hacking” your system, you should give it a try.
      I personally prefer Matcha with a teaspoon of MCT oil, but since we’re not recklessly self-promoting here, here’s another option. Tim Ferris has written a great article on the morning cocktail he uses to replace coffee - you can find it here.

      Spirulina: In his book “Superfoods - the food and medicine of the future” David Wolfe offers great insights into the effects of spirulina on the brain. He explains how “full-spectrum protein” such as Spirulina impacts our brain’s metabolism and helps balance our serotonin levels.
      As you’ve learned earlier, serotonin is one of the main influencers of our mood. I recommend mixing spirulina powder into juices or using it in capsule form to detox your system - it’s a great way to prepare your system for further enhancements through other superfoods.

      Turmeric: Turmeric is one of the most potent anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories on the planet. Foods we eat, stressful days at work or exercise can lead to physical stress and inflammation. Turmeric helps your system recover from inflammation caused by physical & mental stress. How Turmeric affects your brain:
          • Turmeric contains curcuminoids, which help reduce neuroinflammation
          • Curcuminoids has been shown to increase production of neural stem cells in the brain

          If you’re drinking Matcha (with MCT oil) in the morning, as recommended above, add a turmeric tea in the afternoon or simply mix it up throughout the day. You will feel the effect.

          MCT Oil: MCT (medium chain triglycerides) Oil is a coconut derived super fat. It is one of the fastest sources of clean fuel for your brain. It takes fewer steps to convert into caloric energy than carbs and boosts metabolism.
          When your body processes MCT oil, the liver releases energy, much like glucose, and creates ketones. Ketones are one of the brain’s two primary fuel sources, and also a key source of ATP energy for the body. Here’s why MCT oils have found their way into diets of athletes as well as professionals in high-pressure jobs:

          • Supports cognitive performance (clear thinking & focus)
          • Helps burn fat & reduce weight
          • Increases energy level (without consumption of carbs)

          For a continuation of this list, please look out for part 2 of this article!



          1. How you can create balance in your system that will allow superfoods to boost your brain.

          There are different ways of accomplishing this. Intermittent fasting and ketone diets are trending at the moment, but I personally prefer a simpler, less extreme approach: Detox.

          Think about it this way:

          If your tank is half full with low-quality gasoline it’s not ideal to just mix it with better quality fuel. In order to feel the full impact of the higher quality fuel, you will need to empty your tank first.

          If done right, a detox can cleanse your body in up to 14 days and set the stage for exponential performance increase via consumption of superfoods. Download this Reset & Detox guide for a step by step program on how to cleanse your system below.

          → Download Truebiohack’s RESET & DETOX guide

          1. How you can follow a simple diet that will allow you to cleanse your system, before amplifying performance.

          Follow the tips on creating a good balance of amino acids, fatty acids and micronutrients in this article. If you’re starting from scratch, check out this strategy on developing a system of resetting, restoring, and amplifying your system’s performance. For even more detailed information on how to boost brain performance with superfoods, feel free to download this guide:

          → Download Truebiohack’s “Guide to enhancing brain performance with superfoods”

          If you have any experiences with superfoods or other methods you found to be effective, please join us on Facebook and leave a comment using #truebiohack.

          And stay tuned for part 2 of this article!


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