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TrueBiohack™ is about using superfood based "Hacks" to optimize your body & mind.


We believe people can think faster, look better and live healthier using a blend of superfoods, specific nutritional strategies (RRA) and exercise. 

Our science goes beyond conventional weight loss research, using superfood formulas that are both tested and optimized. The result are high-performing (metabolism boosting) formulations that addresses weight loss for women at its core. 

We carefully research all superfoods & their compounds before testing them in formulas with other superfoods in order to enhance potency. 

TrueBiohackis headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. For press and media inquiries, please email [email protected]


Our mission is to offer superfood products that can lead to radical enhancement of weight, long-term performance and health. We want to reach people that are interested in enhancing weight, health and performance, but without pharmaceuticals or chemical-heavier products.

Future Vision

We strive to help our clients develop long-term habits that will boost weight, health and performance of mind & body. Our vision is to become a trusted advisor to our clients and help them achieve their health, weight & performance goals.





Founding Story

Truebiohack™ was born out of both founder's desire to share the lessons of their own personal journey. Josh & Nicolas met in 2009 when they became neighbors in Burbank, CA. Both were working long hours in high paced tech jobs and were unhappy with the unhealthy lifestyle attached to it. 

As former endurance athletes they started discussing diets and supplements that could translate from endurance sports into day to day performance. Truebiohack™ was born.