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To offer superfood products that can lead to radical enhancement of long-term performance and health.

Future Vision

We strive to help our clients develop long-term habits that will boost health and performance of mind & body. Our vision is to become a trusted source for our clients and help them achieve their health & performance goals.

Founding Story

TrueBiohack was born out of both founder’s desire to share the lessons of their own personal journey. Josh & Nicolas met in 2009 when they became neighbors in Burbank, CA.  

Both were working long hours in high paced tech / finance jobs and were unhappy with the unhealthy lifestyle attached to it (living of a diet of frozen corn dogs, tacos and fast food)  
As former endurance athletes both started discussing methods, diets, supplements and mental exercises that could translate from sports into daily work-life.

They realized that the new, digital landscape they live in is asking for more than coffee and energy drinks. 24 hour online availability started to take a toll and required more than short term performance enhancers.

Both started experimenting with nootropics, intermittent fasting and supplements, all with the goal to hack their systems for more productivity. They quickly realized that some experiments showed results, but never consistently over longer periods of time. At that point they decided to make their findings (and continuous search) available to the many people that showed interest in the subject.

Our commitment to health & helping clients

At TrueBiohack™ we believe that radical performance transformations are possible with the formulated intake of superfoods. However it is important to us to point out that the best long-term results will come through the habits we aim to create together with our clients.  

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