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Customized Meal (& Workout) Plan

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Depending on your personality this diet can be a customized version of a Paleo Diet, Reverse Diet, Intermittent Fasting or anything else. It all depends on which diet type matches your personality.

If you've taken our 'Diet Personality Quiz' already, there's nothing else to do, but order your customized meal plan. We will then get in touch with you to ask a few more questions and create a custom diet plan for you. 

This plan comes with workout videos that are matched with your individual meal plan. Our customized meal & workout plan is guaranteed to work - or you get your money back. 

If you prefer to order our meal plan first and then take the quiz, you can do so here: 'Diet Personality Quiz'  (*in this case please take the quiz right after placing your order) 

Whatever diet matches your needs best, the plan you get from us will be heavily customized so you can stick to it!

You can find more details about the plans here: Truebiohack's Customized Meal Plan

Important: Due to the heavy customization of each plan, we can only offer a limited number of meal plans per month. If we are at capacity you will have the opportunity to join our waiting list. 

Why you will be able to stick to our meal plans:

  • Your plan is 100% aligned with your food & snack preferences
  • Your plan will fit your schedule & social lifestyle
  • Your plan will include exercise suggestions (video) for your specific diet

We have a unique and healthy approach to weight loss. Our weight plans are based on high quality foods and complemented with metabolism boosting superfoods.

Truebiohack's mealplans include:

  • 2 free detox superfood capsules to kickstart your metabolism
  • 100% Custom 7 Day Mealplan 
  • Exercise videos for your specific diet (*bonus & optional)
  • Recipes and shopping lists
  • Unlimited access to email support

Once you order your customized meal plan, we will give you access to a secure portal. Please check here for more details: Truebiohack's Customized Meal Plan

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