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Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade Green Tea (100% Ceremonial Grade)

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Organic Matcha Green Tea - The Biohacker's Version.

    • 100% USDA certified organic green tea
    • 100% ceremonial grade
    • Never irradiated - not from Japan. No radiation contamination. Tested for purity.
    • Enhanced potency through harvesting method (high concentration of nutrients, antioxidants) 
    • Over 10x the nutritional value & antioxidant level than brewed green tea

Matcha Green Tea Truebiohack

Truebiohack’s Organic Matcha is derived from organic tea leaves that have been turned into a powder to enhance nutrients. The leaves are organically grown in China, shaded for 30 days before harvest, and then hand-picked.

Think about it this way: You are drinking the tea leaves that have been turned into a powder to enhance nutrients. Rocket fuel, but slow burning.

    • Delivers sustained energy for over 3-4 hours (vs. 30 minutes for coffee): Caffeine bind with matcha’s phytonutrients (especially L-theanine) in a way that slows the body’s absorption of the caffeine; it typically lasts at least four hours
    • Good for weight loss & burning fat: Ignites Metabolism (burn up to 40% more calories)
    • Good for your teeth: Matcha (vs. coffee) is good for your teeth: it thwarts the bacteria that causes plaque. Say goodbye to coffee breath and enamel staining.
    • Good for your skin: Matcha's antibacterial properties improve your skin & give it a natural glow

How Antioxidants can affect brain performance:

  • Strengthen the brain to fight off radicals that destroy brain cells
  • Helps repair neurons and damage associated with aging
  • Increase focus & clarity of thought

Truebiohack Superfoods

Recommended Serving:

Half to one teaspoon mixed with 8oz of water/milk depending on personal preference. Drink with milk as matcha latte or regular matcha tea. More recipes can be found on our blog.

For best results combine with Turmeric MG Superblend in phase 2 (RESTORE), if taken as part of 3 phase RRA program.