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Turmeric Tea MG Superblend

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Turmeric Tea - The Biohacker's Version.

  • Enhance your memory & cognitive function
  • Thermogenic effects help burn fat & increase metabolism
  • Anti inflammatory and high in anti-oxidants
  • Supports brain cell development & neurogenesis

Turmeric MG Blend Truebiohack


1. Superfood Formula: Turmeric + Black Pepper + Monk Fruit (Momordica Grosvenori) + Ginger + Cinnamon.

Truebiohack's Superblend Tea contains a specific formula we designed to hack your weight, health and brain performance. We included the superfoods Turmeric, Momordica grosvenori (or Monk Fruit), Ginger and black pepper.

2. Effects on weight, brain performance & health:

    • Turmeric: Contains curcuminoids, which reduces blood sugar levels and insulin resistance, both are key for weight loss. Turmeric also has thermogenic effects that increase our metabolism.
    • Antioxidants: Strengthen the brain to fight of radicals that destroy brain-cells. They also help repair neurons and damage associated with aging.
    • Ginger: May improve reaction time and working memory and is said to help protect against Alzheimers.
    • Momordica grosvenori (or Luo Han Guo): Also called “the immortals or monk fruit” it is said to be anti-aging and cleansing. Most of all it’s a great substitute for sugar (better fuel)
    • Black Pepper: Increases the bioavailability of curcumin seven to eight fold.

Truebiohack Brain

*The nutritional elements of your brain

3. Turmeric and how it improves recovery

Turmeric is one of the most potent anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories on the planet. It contains a high level of antioxidants and works as anti-inflammatory through the active ingredient Curcumin.

Foods you eat, stressful days at work or exercise can lead to physical stress and inflammation.

Your system can perform better over longer periods of time, if it recovers faster. 

4. A key ingredients in our formula

  • Black pepper: Boosts effectivity & benefits of turmeric. Black pepper increases the bioavailability of curcumin seven to eight fold.

5. Ingredients & Recommended Serving

All ingredients in this formula have been harvested to come out in the most nutrient-rich state.

Recommended Serving: Use half to one teaspoon mixed with 8oz of milk or water. Drink with milk as latte or regular tea.  More recipes can be found on our blog.

For best results combine with Matcha Tea in phase 2 (RESTORE), if taken as part of 3 phase RRA program.